About Darrin B. Laviolette

A construction manager and project manager with 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Darrin LaViolette embarked on his career following completion of his certificate in Process Piping Drafting (PPD). After graduating in May 1990 from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Darrin LaViolette spent the next 10 years holding a variety of roles with both engineering firms and construction companies, where he designed pipes, served as a fitter foreman, and operated equipment in the field. In August 2000, Darrin LaViolette landed a position as Project Manager and Construction Manager with the Colt Engineering Corporation and immediately set out to handle multiple projects for his company’s Talisman field office. Recognizing his exemplary performance in this capacity, Triton Projects Inc. hired Darrin LaViolette to serve as Project Manager for various construction projects valued between $100,000 and $10 million. Following Triton Projects Inc., Darrin LaViolette rejoined the Colt Engineering Corporation and its partner, Cord Projects Ltd., as Home Office Construction Manager and Field Construction Manager, during which time he managed projects for Albian Oil Sands and Shell Waterton worth up to $65 million. From September 2005 through April 2006, Darrin LaViolette entered into a contracting position as Home Office Assistant Constructability Manager with Jacobs Canada Inc., overseeing projects ranging in value from $100,000 to $6 billion. Darrin LaViolette next joined VECO Construction Ltd. in June 2006 as Project Manager, where he held responsibility for $75 million in contracts and hired 300 employees to complete the company’s Horizon Project. Capital Engineering later recruited Darrin LaViolette to serve as Construction Manager at the Suncor Borealis and Millennium camps. Darrin LaViolette returned to Jacobs Canada Inc. in November 2007 for a nine-month period as Area Construction Manager at the BA Energy Heartland Upgrader project. At the end of his tenure with Jacobs Canada Inc., Darrin LaViolette received and accepted an offer to work as Home Office Construction Manager with KBR, focusing his energy toward the Petro-Canada Fort Hills Froth Silo CEP. Soon afterward, Darrin LaViolette served Pacer Corporation Ltd. as Project Manager at its CNRL Plant. Currently residing in De Winton, Alberta, Darrin LaViolette continues to seize new opportunities in construction management.

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